A brief history of Acex Ltd.

Our company was founded in 1950 and named Hungarian State Machine Station. Soon after a brief autonomy, our company became the property of the Debrecen Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing and Service Provider Company, later of the Machine Tool Industry Works, and finally became the property of the Hungarian Roller Bearing Works.

On 1st of March 1992, on Employee initiatives we were transformed into an independent state company. At this time our factory was given the name of ACEX Steel Products Manufacturer Company.
On the 24th of August 1992 the company was converted into a business association and from the 30th of November 1992 the State Property Agency privatized the ACEX Ltd.
The company's assets at foundation were of HUF 68 million 382 thousand, that of course have grown considerably since.

Since our foundation a number of developments and modernizations were carried out, thanks also to the grants obtained from applications in recent years, allowing the inclusion of products that require advanced technology solutions into our wide range of manufacturing.

The competition on the international market requires continued technical developments, to do a wider range of demanding and high-quality jobs for our customers.

Technological developments of the ACEX Ltd. - done from its own resources and with the help of EU application. 
The increased quality requirements made it necessary to modernize the machinery fleet in order to meet current and foreseeable challenges of the market and maintain our competitiveness.

  • Laser cutter
  • CNC-controlled bending machine
  • CNC vertical machining centre (3-axis)
  • CNC vertical machining centre (5-axis)
  • Modern welding machines (CO, AWI)

Termelési kapacitás bővítés az Acex Kft-nél